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Safe and Easy Filing Cabinets

Our large variety of filing cabinets will help you stay organised at any scale of your business. BDK Office Furniture can help you select the right filing cabinets for your home or business.

BDK Office Furniture Gauteng offers a great selection of high-density filing cabinets for archiving purposes. High-density filing cabinets solve many archiving challenges by mounting shelving or cabinets onto a carriage and rail system and eliminating fixed aisles to compact your storage space.

Our modern top retrieval filing cabinets will meet your businesses filing needs. Our top retrieval filing cabinets offer the most space-efficient method of storing documents and allow quick and easy retrieval and replacements of paperwork.

Finding the correct Filing Solutions is an important task that all business have to undertake. Finding the Best Filing Cabinets that will suit your everyday filing task is our business. Filing cabinets are available in various sizes and can be adapted to suit your application. Filing cabinets can be blend in with the office environment (Lateral Filing Cabinets & Bulk Filing Cabinets).

Lateral Filing Cabinets can be found in many of our office’s. It is the most popular way to effectively do filing, as it makes retrieving files easy and convenient. Bulk Filling cabinets (Hi-Density Cabinets) are big and bulky and mostly used to store / archive files as they are custom made to suit your needs. Weather you are storing / filing there is an application for you.

Desktop / Day storage units are on the rise and very popular. This makes day to day filing easy and most importantly, keeps you desktop free of any clutter. When your work space is neat & tidy you feel more productive. These desktop filing Cabinets are small enough to fit neatly on your desk, and is not fitted, as you can move this unit around. Another very popular Filing Cabinet (Solution) is the mobile pedestal with a deep drawer which allows to file laterally for those everyday files, and when done you can return it to your Bulk Filing Cabinet.

We offer Filing Cabinets (Solutions) to all types business’s around South Africa. Working with specialized manufacturers with the ever evolving designs. South Africa has a selected few Filing Cabinet manufacturers that select only the best quality materials to bring you the best Filing cabinet. Filing Cabinets that are manufactured with this standard all ways hold up to the everyday use, and allows these users piece of mind that this is a product that will last. Filing Cabinets generally come with a 5-6 year Factory warrantee to back their brand because of using only the best quality materials.

Steel Filing cabinets have been the most popular items sold (KVI) Known Valued Item. The Steel Filing Cabinets and made to use the basic single row hanging files. The Steel Filing Cabinets come in three various sizes, 2 Drawer, 3 Drawer, 4 Drawer Filing Cabinets. The Standard colour for the Steel Filing Cabinets is Ivory & Karoo (two Tone). The evolving industries has now changed that people are now using the steel filing cabinets in the open plan office’s to divide up work area’s as they now come in new modern funky colours (White / Red / Blue / Yellow) the change allows to add a bit more eye catching colour to the work space. The Steel filing cabinets are ideal for factory / industrial style office’s, as they are rugged and can withstand the high use.

Filing Cabinets can used for Filing / Archiving / storage depends on the type of business. We offer the filing Solutions in Johannesburg and other major cities within South Africa.