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Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic Chairs and Furniture is specially designed for comfort resulting in being more efficient in the workplace. Ergonomic chairs are different to that of standard office chairs to ensure that the body is kept in the correct and safe posture to reduce unnecessary stress on the lower back, back and neck.

Simple features are added to the specific chair to ensure the adjustments can be made to the necessary pressure points.

R1,605.00 R1,365.00
R4,799.00 R3,899.00

Supports the Upper Backrest, Neck and shoulders.

Lumber Support
gives the support needed in the back rest & Lower back

Height Adjustable Arm rests
Allowing the user to adjust the arm rests to the desired height.

Tilt Mechanism
to make sure and get the Tilt of the seat to ensure comfortable angle for the knees.

Gas Height Adjustments
to adjust the seat height to the desired height, once again the make sure that the knees are at 90*deg angle.

Each and every person is built differently and thus having different models & functions for these types of chairs.

Ergonomic seating is essential in the workplace as it allows the users to have a comfortable seat while working for long hours. On average a person can sit between 6-8 hours a day working behind their desk. It is important to realise that Ergonomic chairs allows these users to get the bodies into the correct seated position, thus allowing for stress free movement of the body and allowing the blood flow to move through the body without any restrictions. Posture is very important and it takes on average 2 weeks (14 Days) for a bodies to learn and adapt to the correct posture.

Allowing our bodies to be in the correct posture prevents major problems later in life, prevention is better than cure.

Another growing trend in office ergonomics, and fast becoming compulsory in some offices, is the sit stand desk, which is designed to get users up and moving more. New research revealed that standing at a desk while working boosts productivity.

Using Ergonomic Chairs and Ergonomic Desk in the workplace now means that users are working longer hours and being more productive, simply because there are no longer lingering pains for being seated in the incorrect position.